Maybe I'm Crazy

I realize every time I start to day dream about my hope of a Target collaboration or this here blog making money or starting my own business, that maybe I'm a little crazy. THEN even crazier things happen!! A friend who I watched start her own business, JUST GOT A TARGET COLLABORATION.

Mom Fuel Mug

I don't say "just" lightly. Kristen has worked her behind off growing her brand. She started with letterpress work on the side while working at her old high school doing graphic design work... then she had enough business to quit her job, then opened her first store front. THEN ANOTHER store front! She regularly attends national paper shows and her work can be found all over the US in boutiques and major retail stores alike... True story, I was in NYC with my friend Bethany last summer and saw some Thimblepress goods in a boutique and kinda flipped out!! Her confetti push pops can also be found in Anthropologie!!

Y'all. I was in Anaheim, CA last month when the announcement of Kristen's Target line was announced and promptly took my rental car to the closest store and bought two of the mugs right away. Then when I arrived back home nearly cleared out the display at my local Target.

Thimblepress at Target

AND IT HIT ME. She has reached a goal I have. Heck, maybe it was a goal SHE had! And I know her. I watched her start a business on the side while saving so she could start working for herself full time. I watched her announcements as she hired people and her brand grew. And I can do it too! I can start my own business. Heck, I could end up on an aisle cap at every mom's favorite big box retail store... I can DO it. So, here is me committing myself to work hard, on the side while working a full-time job and updating my house and raising a tiny human, to grow my little idea for a blog and helping get people in their kitchen and hosting and trying new foods and flavors and spices!



I want to walk people through cookbooks and kitchen tools and constantly be on the search for the best of the best for entertaining and cooking and learning about FOOD! So, yeah, maybe I'm crazy, but I'm excited to see where the crazy takes me. In the meanwhile, congrats to my friend Lee who won my Thimblepress at Target giveaway on instagram a couple of weeks ago... I have ANOTHER instagram giveaway going now, so check it out!!