How I Spent my Mardi Gras Break

For those of you NOT in Louisiana, Mardi Gras break is real. It's a thing. Schools close for anywhere from two days to a full week. Half of Louisiana goes to DisneyWorld or skiing while the other half stays put and enjoys the parades. I chose the latter.

In between parades and revelry, I KILLED the lunch game. Like totally killed it. I did some experimenting with pimento cheese, made a killer turkey/mexi bowl, and practiced buttercream... so that's not exactly lunch material BUT I did manage to eat some FOR lunch on a cake. So, yeah, it was lunch... don't judge.

But back to the pimento cheese. A few years ago I had the yummiest pimento cheese at a lovely little bar in DC called Southern Efficiency.  This pimento cheese had all kinds of flavors and textures. Definitely far more exciting than the plain stuff I would either make at home or the over processed stuff you buy at the Winn Dixie or other southern grocery store chain. THEN instagram told me that Trader Joe's started carrying sweet and hot pickled jalapenos. UERKEA! I promptly went out and bought some... then waited almost a whole week to attempt recreation. Let's be honest, I was too busy and my kitchen was too messy to really give it a good go. Mardi Gras break to the rescue!

I made it a few days ago and it blew my mind. Today, I re-created it and actually measured the ingredients so I could guide you along the road of pimento cheese amazing-ness. And, I'm gonna tell you now... this recipe is HEAVY on products that are easily found at Trader Joe's, so if you don't have one nearby I'm sorry.

3/4c shredded mild cheddar cheese (fine shred preferred for texture reasons)

3/4c swiss/gruyere shredded blend (available at Trader Joe's... it's a bigger shred, which sounds weird to say out loud. again preferred for texture reasons)

3T Mayo

3T Plain Greek Yogurt

1/4c chopped roasted red bell peppers (aka pimento)

1/4c chopped up sweet and hot pickled jalapenos (available at Trader Joe's)

1/4c chopped/roasted pecans (super inexpensive at Trader Joe's and already chopped for you)

1/2t salt

1/2t garlic powder

1/4t paprika

Y'all, just dump this all in a bowl and mix it up REALLY good. If it feels a little wet, sprinkle some more cheese in. THEN DEVOUR THIS ON EVERYTHING. I have had some by the spoonful, some on bread, some on toast, and this weekend... I'm gonna put it on BISCUITS. 

Mardi Gras break was good to me, y'all; and hope, by way of this recipe, it was good to you too!