The Podcasts I Listen to and You Should Too!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t always get podcasts. They seemed kind of distracting and maybe a weird length and what did I event want to get OUT of listening? Then, I dabbled with Serial. If you are a podcast listener, I’m CONFIDENT you have heard of Serial and have probably listened to the first season (let’s be honest, the second season wasn’t as good… amirite?!).

A year or two later, I was still only using podcasts to listen to some sermons of favorite pastors on occasion, ya know, like a good Presbyterian does, I have at least a top 10 of pastors in each region.

Then, I saw that my friend Emily’s husband had started a podcast. It sort of perpetuated my idea that, similar to blogs, everyone has a podcast now. Well, though that might be true, Joel’s podcast was pretty good… then the rabbit hole was OPENED. And here we are today, I will share my top 10 podcasts and why I like them. Here we go, in NO particular order:


1.     Pour not Poor. This is the aforementioned podcast of my friend’s husband. BUT don’t be fooled, this isn’t a pity mention. This is a podcast for folks in the young adult to 40ish year old who is looking to learn more about money and investments and frugality… WITH A TWIST! They are also lovers of craft beer and highlight a new beer every episode. This podcast comes out every Wednesday and runs in the 35-60 minute range!

2.     NPR’s How I Built This. This podcast is an entrepreneur’s DREAM. With this podcast Guy Roz interviews different business founders about their journey, the ups and downs, the fun stuff, the hard stuff, and how they disrupted their field. I first found this podcast because they interviewed Alli Webb, the founder of DryBar. And if you know me AT ALL, you know how much I love DryBar and Alli Webb!! Guy has also interviewed the founders of TRX, RX bars, StitchFix, WeWork, and dozens of other awesome nationally recognized brands and experiences. This podcast comes out about weekly and runs about 45-65min.

3.     Christy Wright’s Business Boutique Podcast. This one is definitely targeted to women who are looking to start a business. Every episode talks through an important tool or aspect of business ownership and then includes an interview with a small business owner. I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to EVERY episode that comes out; I do however love the episodes that cover the topics I’m interested in. This podcast comes out every 2 weeks and is about an hour long.

4.     The FedHeads. This is where you all get to learn about my TRULY nerdy side. This podcast is hosted by Grant Thornton and is a weekly digest about different topics regarding the federal government. I use this as a quick 10,000 foot view on things ranging from the President’s Management Agenda to the DATA Act to government infrastructure. The best part? It comes out every Monday and is less than 20 minutes. The perfect way to start your week a little informed!

5.     LadyBrains. This podcast is like spending 45 minutes chatting with your best friends. The catch? You are actually just listening to best friends talk to each OTHER! This podcast covers almost every topic under the SUN. From purse contents to hiking to travel with kids to current events. No matter what the conversation at hand, it is a great way to listen to adult conversation (really awesome for stay at home or work from home moms) and it is, mostly, super intelligent conversation. This podcast comes out weekly and ranges from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

6.     Raising the Bar. I know I mentioned my love for Alli Webb earlier… well this is HER podcast! She and her brother, aka her co-founder, use this podcast to interview other entrepreneurs. And I LOVE IT. So far they have had some favorites including Joy Cho the founder of OhJoy and Ellen Bennett the founder of Hedley&Bennett. This podcast is definitely inspirational for business owners, aspirational types, and those who just love hearing good stories! If you haven’t caught on to a theme yet, I listen to a lot of podcasts about business. BUT even if you don’t want to start a company, I find these podcasts super great for challenging how we think about the day to day event. This podcast is weekly and is about 45 minutes.

7.     The Popcast. Y’all. Y’ALL. y’all. This podcast is hilarious. This is perfect for a mind break. Knox and Jamie sit and talk weekly and discuss everything that doesn’t really matter. From Bachelor/Bachelor’s in Paradise/Bachelorette recaps to conspiracy theories to “the dad’s of pop culture.” It is a longer podcast, almost always over an hour; but GREAT for staying in the loop on current events as well as a good laugh. This show is witty and quick and you can put it down and pick it back up any time! PLUS their live episodes are always a gem!! As I mentioned, this is a weekly podcast that runs an hour+.

8.     The Bible Binge. This is ALSO from the minds of Knox and Jamie of the Popcast. In this one, though, they talk through a different Bible story every week as if it was a movie in our current culture. This includes casting, their own production elements, and how the Bible story might be perceived in the present day. This is the adult version of Sunday School felt board Bible stories. It’s great. Again, a good brain break, and so so so entertaining. Be warned, listening to this on an airplane might call of bursts of laughter that aren’t easily explained to those around you. This is a weekly podcast and runs about 60-80 minutes.

9.     WDW Prep To Go. THIS. Ok, so this is my Disney podcast. I know y’all are SHOCKED that there would be a Disney podcast on my list… I kid I kid. But this one is truly one of the best. Shannon, the host, focuses largely on touring plans and interviews with folks who are planning their trips. It is helpful for me as a Disney planner to learn about different services and closures and how to consider planning trips for different sized families or different age groups… It’s also a fun one to help get you jazzed for an upcoming trip! This podcast is pretty sporadic and can run anywhere from 7min for a daily trip check in up to 2 hours for a full on trip report!

10.  The Side Hustle School. You guessed it! One more small business podcast! This one is a daily podcast that is typically less than 10 minutes and highlights someone who started a side hustle that is successful and growing. It can cover anything as small someone renting camera gear to run ins with giants like Amazon. This is a nice daily boost if you are thinking through ideas for a business or wanting to start a side hustle yourself. As I mentioned, it’s daily and short! Great for a commute!!


Y’all. I feel like I have just scratched the surface of podcasts. BUT this is where I would start. I have about 20 more or so that I subscribe to for different reasons and that maybe I listen to sometimes but not regularly. And, clearly, my focus is on starting a business… but these are all really inspirational no matter where you are in life! One fun side note, is that I have actually begun reading more since listening to podcasts. I am not sure if there is a direct correlation, but I find when I’m learning some things I want to learn MORE things. So, maybe it IS related! I hope you enjoy these, and let me know if there are any podcasts I should dig into!!

PS Apple Ear Pods have made ALL the difference in the world in enjoying podcasts. I can have a podcast playing and leave my phone on the kitchen island while walking around the house without having to carry my phone… plus no tangled chords!!!