Distractions and Schedules

So, I sat down tonight with full intentions of writing a "things I like right now post." I even had a super clever intro written out comparing myself to Oprah. Trust me, it was hilarious... but there was no finishing it. I hadn't planned the post out well enough and didn't have the energy and then there were cookie decorating videos on instagram to watch.

How the HECK am I supposed to focus?! There is so much out in the world to occupy my thoughts and head space and keep me from using my "free time" in a productive and purposeful manner. I have cookbooks to read and a kitchen to clean and Mindy Project to catch up on. Not to mention all of the blogs I could and should be reading on how to create and curate a brand, which clearly I'm not reading right now cause I'm busy doing the math on the cost of Disney vacations vs an Annual Pass.

What's the answer then? How do you successfully sit and write or read or take steps towards bettering yourself? I can't even find 20 minutes in my day to complete a workout DVD. 

Then the ULTIMATE question... if I really am trying to create content by cooking and baking and scouring cookbooks for recipes which all takes TIME, when am I supposed to put that on paper?! Am I really distracted? Or am I just not managing my time well? I think some practical next steps are trying to create a regular schedule and sticking to it. Right now my routine is a little out of whack. I wake up with my son whenever he does, anywhere from 6-8am... then start churning. I typically have work emails to attend to or interoffice messages to respond to the first bit of the morning before dropping my squirt off at school for 8:30am.

My day's all look a little bit different but usually have the same common denominator of conference calls + emails. I typically take 30-40 minutes to run errands, pick up the house, do laundry... that kinda stuff. Then pick up my kiddo around 4:30/5, and nighttime is just nuts. I can't really get much computer work done after dinner/before bed time cause Henry always wants to "help." PLUS his bedtime has morphed from 7pm to 8pm. By that time of night I'm exhausted, and I can't motivate myself to get any of my extra work done.

Writing this out, has helped me realize a few things:

1. Henry needs a regular and earlier bedtime.

2. I need to set an alarm and wake up at the same time every day so that I can get ahead of the madness.

3. I need to start working out again... Last fall when I was taking these crazy fitness classes on the regular, my schedule was in LINE. I also hurt my back really bad, so maybe I need to find something different this time...

4. Making time to create and making that part of my routine is KEY. 

What does this all mean? This means my kid is gonna be mad at me for making him go to bed, I'll rely heavily on cold brew coffee while I adjust to a schedule, and y'all MIGHT have to muddle through some sub-par blog posts while I make myself write daily. And until my writing gets better/my recipes go viral, just follow me on instagram.