Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance

I miss that phrase, “pleased to make your acquaintance.” It is SO underused.  And let’s be honest, we are becoming acquainted so why WOULDN’T I say it that way? Enter in, come over and let’s get to know one another.

That sounds like this is two way, eh… a blog isn’t really SUPER two way. I write and you read. Now, do I hope that you comment and respond and reply and reach out? YES! Please do. But I realize you might want to know me a little bit first before you decide if you will stick around much less interact with me.

So here is me: my name is Sarah Joy and I have a job, a son, a house. I am involved in my local church, a wine tasting philanthropy event, a 5k to raise money for women who need support in pregnancy, and now this blog.

I have always joked that my instagram looked like that of a blogger, and even started using the hashtag: #ontheimaginaryblog … then one day I decided I didn’t have enough to do already, so gosh darn it I started this here not so imaginary blog!

Oh, also important about me: I love to BAKE! And I think I’m a super crafty DIYer (keyword THINK). I also have dreams of planning perfectly pinterest worthy kid birthday party. But let’s be honest, I only ever have time to do one MAYBE two of the portions of a themed birthday party. Mostly cause I am a single parent and I plan events for a living… so my son’s birthday parties will almost always fall between super large and stressful work events. His birthday is probably getting sort of the shaft. But more on that later! (he has a birthday upcoming, and this one is gonna be UUUUGE).

Also, don’t be fooled by that last statement, I’m not a fan of “the Donald.”

Yikes, I’m all over the place here, but I am also all over the place in life.

So, this here blog. I hope to use this blog as a way to keep all of my thoughts and projects in one place. I want to expand my 1-2 sentence phrases under my instagrams (usually there is far more of a story than the short phrase that accompanies each picture).

If you live in DC or Baton Rouge, I want to give you insight as to how to do these towns well. And, if you happen to be a solo parent, I want to encourage you and give you tips on how to do things that otherwise seem impossible as a single parent (such as taking your toddler to Disney World by yourself… which I have done once and am doing again in October).

Oh, and the travel. I LOVE to travel and find good food and coffee shops. So there will probably be a few city travel guides…

Ok, If you are still reading this we might just get along after all. Join me! Let’s become acquainted! Share life with me on this not so imaginary blog!!