The Cookie that Loomed...

If you have read my intro or my about me or know me at all, you probably know that I LOVE to bake. Over the past few years I have collected all kinds of fun baking accessories, cookbooks, recipes, and this year I added a profesh stand mixer to my collection (thanks, Mom and Dad)!! 

On any given weeknight I could make chocolate chip cookies, Joy the Baker's brownies from her first cookbook, or even a cake... but there is one cookie I had never tackled till recently... the snickerdoodle. 

This cookie has loomed over me for well over a year. Upon my move back to Baton Rouge, snickerdoodle cookies were the one and only request from my friend Ross.

Now, this request from Ross wouldn't have weighed on me so much, but he isn't just a friend; he is one of the only friends I see EVERY week. Cause he and a few other friends go to get cheap margaritas and queso EVERY Thursday, like every week... only the very rare exceptions are out of town travel and lack of babysitter... and even then, sometimes my squirt just comes along.

So, snickerdoodles became a weekly request. Then whenever I would bake anything else, I would be conveniently reminded that snickerdoodles hadn't made rotation. I even brought BISCUITS back to the baking routine... and that was when I was publicly (read: facebook) shamed into making snickerdoodles before I bake anything else.

And gosh darnit. That's what I did. I made snickerdoodles. 

Part of the barrier between me and snickerdoodles was one pesky ingredient that I have never kept in my house ever: cream of tartar. I promptly added that to my Target shopping list. No excuses.

Then there was actually finding a recipe. Of all my baking cookbooks there was only one snickerdoodle recipe among the lot, and I wasn't convinced of it. Pinterest saved the day, as it often does when looking for a quick recipe that is tried and tested (read: pinned at least 1k times).

And guess what?!? After all of the bemoaning about baking snickerdoodles... they were SUPER easy to make! And SO YUMMY!!!

I ended up using this recipe, but fibbed a little and didn't refrigerate for as long as suggested... they turned out just fine. I also baked two trays at once. I am SUCH a rebel, I know.

There were wins all around with this new feat! Ross got his snickerdoodles, I learned that snickerdoodles aren't hard to make, and now I have cream of tartar in my cupboard for future use!

What have you put off trying to bake or cooke or make or do?!? Why???? I hope this inspires you to go out and try something new!!

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