Countdown to DISNEY WORLD vacation!!

Disclaimer: I am SO not a Disney person. You know the type, the type that has all Disney everything and only talks about Disney and only vacations at Disney…

I mean, forget the fact that I took my son to Disney last year and am taking him again this year… and just MAYBE might try to squeeze in one more trip before he turns three next June. Cause, you know, I’m SO not a Disney person that I’m not clinging to the fact that kids under 3 are free at Disney.

A sweaty and long Day 2!

A sweaty and long Day 2!

So maybe I am a teeny tiny bit of a Disney person, but I’m not as bad as my friend Evan who looks at ride time waits before bedtime with his little girl. I’ve only almost done that once.

Whatever. Point being, when you have kids or are a solo parent, you have to tackle vacations that are cost effective and have low risk of anyone dying (think the ocean… beach vacation alone with a 2 year old sounds like the worst idea EVER).

Last fall I was eyeballs deep in work and just snapped one day and decided to book a Disney vacation with less than three full weeks notice. I did that. Was it the wisest decision? No. But was it the worst decision? HARDLY! In my three week “planning” process I found that Disney really can be affordable and there are no wide expanses of open water to worry about! Win win! 

No one likes talking about money, but I’m gonna talk about money. We landed on a Monday then did two full days and a 2/3 day in the parks and left on a Thursday. It was great. We stayed on sight. Staying on sight is a great option because it includes transportation to and from the airport (aka no car seats or rental cars)! I also purchased a meal plan for me (kids under 3 can eat for free with their parents at “all you can enjoy” buffets and we shared our other meals); and we went for a three day park hopper for WAIT FOR IT… souvenirs INCLUDED… under $900.

Ok, I get that not everyone can afford that. I am blessed that I could, especially on such short notice. But, y’all, that’s doable! So, in my insanity (or maybe not?!), I have already booked our Disney trip for this coming fall. And, according to my countdown app (I SWEAR I’M NOT A DISNEY PERSON) we are 51 days out! 

This trip will be longer, but essentially everything else is the same: on site (same resort, the Pop Century), meal plan for me, but this time a five day hopper pass for… UNDER $1400.

I’ll probably write more about Disney, even though I’m totally NOT a Disney person, just cause there is some good stuff for people traveling with squirts to know AND I’m a planner. I plan for a living. I am paid a salary to plan… so what else would I do in my off time but pick a vacation that requires oodles and oodles of planning?