Things I'm really REALLY into Right Now Pt 1

My Toddy

It arrived on the very day I NEEDED it! 

It arrived on the very day I NEEDED it! 

I'm a coffee person. It's a hobby, of sorts. I travel and make lists of the coffee shops to visit based on barista friends' recommendations (or Sprudge). I make coffee at home, I drink coffee out, I avoid franchises chain coffee shops if at all possible. Coffee is my jam. 

One brewing method I have always loved is cold brew. Many coffee shops provide a cold brew option in the summer, and I have countless friends that cold brew at home. So, I put the Toddy cold brew system on my wish list in hopes that one day my parents my figure out the Internet and buy it for me! And, Lo and behold, out of NOWHERE one day it arrived!!! Don't worry, my parents didn't figure out the Internet THAT fast... Dear sweet coffee friends of mine (which is its own category... Think running friends or book club friends or PTA friends) sent it to me as a birthday gift. I was quite literally brought to tears.  

The Toddy arrived on a day that I was feeling particularly foreign in my current city and very unknown. BUT, in the form of a large plastic and glass contraption, I was reminded that there are great friends in this life even if they are across the world (literally, as they are in Europe on a State Department assignment) who know me and get me and know the things I love!! In that instance I felt so happy and sad and elated and known and all kinds of other emotions all at once.  

Right now, the Toddy is something I'm really REALLY into! 


And if you're gonna cold brew coffee... You'll need some simple syrup! Follow the rabbit trail here! 

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