And then I had Kidney Stones

I was so happy to get my post up about the flood and was ready to blog about my other missing month then I got hit HARD with kidney stones. Have you ever HAD kidney stones? Let's just say, I wouldn't wish them upon even the current presidential nominees. This is my third time in six months to be down with stones, and now I have a standing appointment with a urologist. Thirty-three going on seventy-two over here.  

One very good thing that came of these stones, besides lots of sleep, is I ordered a cookbook while slightly drugged!! I love cookbooks. LOVE them. Like, when I first moved into my new house the first piece of furniture I bought after a bed was a shelf for my cookbooks. I have nearly 50, and even more on a wishlist on Amazon!

"But what cookbook did you buy?"  my dedicated audience of three people asked in unison. "The new Alton Brown cookbook," I replied as I continue to squeal with excitement over the newness of the book as well as the list of tools I am promptly adding to my Christmas list!

Buy. This. Book.  

Buy. This. Book.  

Y'all. This book is no joke. Not only did he photograph the entire thing HIMSELF, he did it using an iPhone 6s Plus! Alton also shares an amazing glossary of essential kitchen tools, cooking methods, and HIS pantry staples (not your ordinary pantry check list!).

As I was pouring over every page this morning and drooling over the thought of a pressure cooker, I realized I really do read cookbooks like book books. And you know what THAT means??? I have actually read DOZENS of books since my son has been born, not just two. Ha! My friend Lindsay once pointed out that she read cookbooks like book books and I agreed. But I didn't actually realize that's what I did till today.  

Now for the good stuff: what do I plan to cook ASAP? His little brown biscuits, enchilasagna (think enchilada meets lasagna), tossed beet salad, peach cobbles, turkey tikka masala, basically everything. Maybe I'll "Julie and Julia" this book?!???

Are you a cookbook fanatic? Do you use Pinterest for recipes? How do you meal plan? What inspires you in the kitchen??? So many questions! AND now that I've figured out this here website a little, you can actually comment!  

I promise to fill you in on September and our Disney World trip... Eventually... After I cook through this entire book!!